Monday, May 22, 2017

Kumihimo - inside technique using leather

I found a video that shows the technique for adding the beads so that they are inside the braiding media.   In the video, leather is used to braid and string the beads.   I've been using leather a bit so decided to give it a try.   The video uses 6/0 beads with 1mm leather.

I followed the bead stringing pattern that was used in the video but I don't think I got it right.   Not sure it even matters since the beads are harder to see with the leather on the outside.   I think it turned out quite well, but for me, it is a bit big for my arm.

I also tried one with 8/0 beads with .5mm leather.   I like the mix of beads I used on this one.   I didn't use a particular pattern as I had two different mixes of beads to use up and i just alternated the stringing of the beads on strands.

I have a couple more I have done but haven't finished them as I am trying to decide how to finish them.   I had some other rectangle/square shaped beads so I tried those out too.   I finished out the kumihimo section and am now adding beads for a necklace.

This is showing some tryout samples for the completion.   I have changed it up now to include some silver circles.   This is using .5mm grey leather.   I am thinking to add some smaller pink beads to the plain braided sections.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Bead Stash Additions from Cairo Trip Feb 2017 and a previous trip to Hong Kong

I was taken to a really great  bead shop in the Khan el Khallili in Cairo in October 2015.  This area actually has a lot of shops where you can buy beads and other things for making jewelry and costumes.   It also has already made up jewelry you can buy.   I always end up with stretchy bracelets because I am a nut.   This last trip in February 2017, I only bought one stretchy bracelet because I liked the beads and I didn't find any of them on strands.   It is so hard to keep to a budget when looking through the 3 stories of this shop.    Some of the beads you buy them by the strand.  The better stuff they weigh.   I ended up with a whole bunch of strands that cost about as much as a few little turquoise strands that were weighed.  :-)

I only bought strands of fresh water pearls while I was in Hong Kong.   Well, that's what I think they are, lol.   They will look nice paired with other beads.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Khamsa on a beaded necklace

Another one of the Khamsas that I brought back from Cairo for which I have made a beaded necklace.  I have a few more that I am going to make necklaces for instead of just putting on a chain.

Examples of more leather wrapped bracelets I have created.  These were all done before I took off for Egypt,   I bought some great beads to add to the stash while I was in Cairo.  More bracelets and other beading to come.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Kingston Turquoise leather knotted bracelet and my broken stretchy bracelet re-worked as leather knotted!!

Kingston Turquoise leather knotted bracelet and my broken stretchy bracelet re-worked as leather knotted!!  Yes, I am having a lot of leather knotting going on around here.

I had posted a few weeks back (in November I believe) about some Kingston turquoise I bought and the special class that I took to recreate a necklace I saw in Beads of Splendor.  The necklace also used some big hole pearls.   Sunday, I was wearing the necklace and decided I needed to make a matching bracelet.   There were only larger nuggets of the turquoise remaining at the store so, though I bought fewer than the necklace, they were heavier and cost more . .    even with the discount, lol.   I am liking the bracelet I made a lot . . . I have been wearing it constantly.

After I finished the turquoise bracelet, I decided to create the other bracelet with those blue-green beads from the stretchy bracelet.  I paired the beads with small silver rondels and ended up with two wraps.   I found another stretchy bracelet  with matching bigger beads while I was in Hong Kong  December 2016.   I might wear them together.   or maybe just with the turquoise bracelet.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Red-White-Black!!!! The colors of Egypt.

I decided to make some bracelets to give to friends in Egypt on an upcoming visit.   I've only made one so far.   I asked one of my friends about favorite colors and none of them were these colors.

More leather knotting.

I took a class in leather knotting for bracelets.   We had time to make two in class then I went home and made another bracelet with the really large beads that I have in my stash. . . which then had me making another necklace.    I keep adding to my inventory, lol.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Four wraps bracelet

I've been busy looking at leather wrap bracelets on pinterest and I saw ones with multiple wraps wit different designs for each wrap.   I thought I would try one.  Maybe I'll try another one.

The first wrap brought together all of the colors and  beads I planned to use . . .  or so I thought.  I made some changes after this first go around.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Another wrapped bracelet . . . turquoise!!

The turquoise beads are some I had left after I did the knotted silk necklace with beads from two short necklaces I had acquired in Cairo.  (photos posted in a prior post)

Here you can see me wearing it with the previous  bracelet made with turquoise and purple beads.